Los Lamentos Mountains, Municipal de Ahumada, Chihuahua, Mexico


7.5 cm x 10.3 cm x 6 cm


677 g

Description & Provenance

Wulfenite is a lead (Pb) based mineral that produces diverse specimens thanks to its propensity for forming examples with richly saturated colors and a variety of crystal habits. Wulfenite has a cult-like following among mineral collectors and is so loved that accounts of collected specimens pre-date its actual first recorded description (written in 1845 by Austrian mineralogist, Xavier Wulfen, for whom the mineral was named).

Los Lamentos is a classic mining locality known for producing brown-orange wulfenite with robust and lustrous crystals. The best examples exhibit a more red-orange coloration and have a reflective sheen. This piece is a rich, reddish caramel color and has such exceptional luster it almost appears to be wet. Most examples have just a few sparse crystals, but this specimen is dense and richly crystallized with dozens of well-formed, intergrown crystals. It was once in the Rukin Jelks mineral collection until his passing in 2014 when it was de-accessed. The collectability of the species wulfenite, its famed locality, provenance, and its fine aesthetics ensure that this piece will appreciate in value with time and remain a staple in the collecting world.

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