Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India


30 cm x 28 cm x 13.5 cm


7,800 g

Description & Provenance

This is a remarkably large and wonderfully saturated yellow calcite from Maharashtra region in India. India is known to produce lovely, transparent calcites of golden hues, but few ever reach the size of this specimen’s primary crystal at a staggering 19 centimeters on edge. Often, large crystals of nearly every mineral species tend to lack in crystal habit quality, but despite its size, this crystal still manages to maintain superb quality with a distinct, cubic structure made up of smooth faces and sharp terminations. This attractive calcite sits upright in its bright white matrix with one of its crystal faces at a perfect, a face-forward angle. It is also flanked by multiple, smaller, cubic calcites. The effect of the calcites against their matrix is almost whimsical with its bright color and playful pattern. Its combination of textures, colors, and the impact delivered by the contrast of the calcite against its host rock makes this a natural showpiece that displays well in any setting.

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