Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia


12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm


1,235 g

Description & Provenance

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is readily abundant in the earth’s crust and found in dozens of localities around the globe. Thanks to its prevalence and its beautiful purple coloration, it is one of the most collected mineral species of the mineral kingdom. Despite its plenitude, there are only 4 major localities that produce what are known as the finest amethyst specimens in the world. Those premier localities for amethyst are: Jackson’s Crossroads (USA), the Veracruz and the Guerrero Mines (Mexico), and the Goboboseb Mountains (Namibia), and each are in a class all their own for producing distinctive amethysts of exceptional quality that are remarkably unique, even in comparison to one another.

This specimen is from the Goboboseb Mountains, known for its elongated crystals and rich purple coloration. This example features one primary crystal with the classic elongated, prismatic crystal habit of Amethyst and also exhibits excellent luster and transparency. It is aesthetically blessed with the primary crystal perfectly centered on its matrix of white calcite, making for a striking contrast of color. It is a natural showpiece that holds its place in any cabinet or collection. The outer rims of this crystal are clear, mimicking quartz, and there is a centralized phantom of richly saturated, royal purple, these are telltale indicators of fine Namibian amethyst. The main crystal has a few smaller amethyst crystals at its base that display a similar phantom effect. These crystals serve to balance and complement the primary crystal, creating what is a stunning punch of color and crystal perfection.

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